Why are big fierce animals rare essay

We think they’re going to hurt us, but really, if we leave them alone (sharks, bears, etc) and don’t threaten their babies or food sources, they’re fine letting us be. Other anthropogenic causes of population declines for such animals: 1. Pollution: we kill off the smaller prey they eat with pesticides and other pollutants; that means they have less to eat = they die! 2. habitat destruction and fragmentation: when we build houses, roads or freeways, we break up their natural roaming areas. Then, it’s harder for them to find mates and reproduce = death. Need essay sample on "Why Are Big Fierce Animals Rare" ? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you for only $/page

Another thought came to me after writing my original comment. Another reason I am struggling is that the thought keeps coming that says “If I completely surrender my desire to control, surrender my fierceness, etc, is that letting him off the hook?” In other words, I am still fighting the thought that we are both at fault. I feel horrible in admitting that I’m struggling with that but I have to be honest. Why can’t I just focus on where I am wrong?!? I so desperately want to NOT be this way. But I have to be completely honest…I think I’m afraid of the work and commitment it’s going to take. I know that’s probably the enemy trying to persuade me that it’s too hard, etc because I KNOW if I surrender and allow God to get a hold of me, and the Holy Spirit does a mighty work in me, our marriage will dramatically change for the better. But there is a part of me that wants the “instant” fix, the flip of a switch. But I know it’s taken many years to get this way. Did you ever struggle and slip backwards or was it an immediate change for you? (I am only in chapter 3 of the book right now) I appreciate any advice you can give. (would you be opposed to emailing me at my yahoo account? I was wondering if it would be easier to “dialogue” that way??

Why are big fierce animals rare essay

why are big fierce animals rare essay


why are big fierce animals rare essaywhy are big fierce animals rare essaywhy are big fierce animals rare essaywhy are big fierce animals rare essay