University delaware honors program essay

The David and Louise Roselle Center For The Arts, with facilities for the school's music and theater programs, was opened in 2006. Also in 2006, Jastak-Burgess Hall opened and is home to the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. In 1998, Gore Hall opened on the Green and connects to Smith Hall via an overpass on South College Avenue. In 2013, two new residence halls, named after former college president Eliphalet Gilbert and Delaware Civil Rights pioneer Louis L. Redding , were opened on the East Campus housing complex. [48]

The Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering is designed for engineers who wish to move into leadership roles. The University of Delaware is leading a groundbreaking change in engineering design and education. The program is one of the first of its kind that prepares students to lead development of sophisticated solutions that are designed to repel cyber threats. Students master information processing concepts in combination with cybersecurity applications. The program is designed to create graduates who will protect their organizations, saving them time and effort. The program focuses on the growing “Internet of Things” that many feel is creating a need for additional cybersecurity protections. The program is 30 credits that includes instruction in:

University delaware honors program essay

university delaware honors program essay


university delaware honors program essayuniversity delaware honors program essayuniversity delaware honors program essayuniversity delaware honors program essay