Universities with no essays

William & Mary has also significantly boosted efforts to engage alumni, parents and friends all over the world. In FY17, the university held 450 events in over 40 cities around the globe. The William & Mary Alumni Association has enhanced its offerings by introducing new programming and creating more robust signature events such as  William & Mary Weekend , which was held in New York City in May and attracted over 700 participants. The Alumni Association also continues to strengthen  Homecoming & Reunion Weekend  — which will take place Oct. 19-22, 2017 — in addition to adding new career and networking events, affinity-based engagement opportunities and other new initiatives.

We have been following  up on students chat room and some of the students want universities with no application fee, no toefl ,no gre ?Some students doesn’t  want to take any standardized tests plus they don’t want to pay any application fee. Guys, this is ridiculous. We understand you want to save money but these questions are beyond somebody could imagine and answer. You guys needs to be practical. There are universities that could offer conditional admission (without TOEFL).Some universities could consider your applications without GRE(depends on major).Some universities could take applications without application fee. Some were asking if they could waive tuition fee as well in addition to the above. But if you need everything in one university, we seriously don’t have an answer.

Universities with no essays

universities with no essays


universities with no essaysuniversities with no essaysuniversities with no essaysuniversities with no essays