The crucible essay conclusion

A character that the reader would not expect to demonstrate the sin of pride is Reverend Hale. Although Reverend Hale is a minister, he demonstrates the sin of pride from the moment he first arrives in Salem, Massachusetts and needs help unloading all of his books. This symbolizes that he is a very educated man, normally this would not be considered a sin, but it is what he replied as Reverend Parris was helping him with the books, he said "They must be; they are weighted with authority."(Miller36) this shows that he thinks that he is better than other people simply because he has more knowledge. Another example of his pride is when he gives his speech on incubi and succubi at Betty's bed side

Mary Warren: Marry Warren is the current servant of the Proctors, hired after Elizabeth Proctor had fired Abigail Williams. Mary is a seventeen-year-old "subservient, naïve, lonely girl" (17). Mary Warren is not a protagonist or an antagonist; she is a secondary character whose goal is to simply serve as a juror during the witch trials at Salem. Because she is not entirely described by Arthur Miller, Mary is a flat character. Mary Warren is also stereotyped; she is the classical helpless girl who does what everyone else tells her to do. Her actions are always predictable, she simply fulfills everyone else's wishes as she is too afraid to stand up for herself. Mary has a major external conflict, because she has to deal with John Proctor, the judges, and Abigail Williams; however, she also has an internal conflict: there are so many people that tell her what to do that she cannot make up her mind on whose orders to follow. She knows that the lies that Abigail make her say are wrong and that she should confess her sins, but fear of Abigail and of any possible punishments make her stay silent while many people are sent to prison under charges of witchery. John Proctor got Mary Warren to admit that she was lying. However, Mary got too scared of Abigail, denied her previous confession and turned against Proctor at the last minute claiming that he was "the Devil's man" (110). Mary Warren's function as a symbol of fear and submission cause her to remain unchanged throughout the story, thus making her a static character. (264 words)

The crucible essay conclusion

the crucible essay conclusion


the crucible essay conclusionthe crucible essay conclusionthe crucible essay conclusionthe crucible essay conclusion