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Vik Muniz: Diamond Divas and Caviar Monsters. Fundación Telefónica. Madrid, Spain. November 17 – January 9, 2005.
Vik Muniz. Gallery Xippas. Athenas, Greece. October 12 – November 15.
Vik Muniz. Gallery Xippas. Paris, France. September 11 – October 23.
Retratos de Revista. Pinacoteca do Estado de São Paulo. São Paulo, Brazil. January 24-March 28.
Vik Muniz. Espaço Cultural Contemporâneo Venâncio-ECCO. Brasília, Brazil. June 8 – July 7.
Piranesi Prisons. National Academy of Sciences. Washington . August 1 – May 1, 2005.
Vik Muniz. Brent Sikkema, New York, NY. May 7 – June 5.
Vik Muniz. Irish Museum of Contemporary Art. Dublin, Ireland. March 31 – June 13.
Vik Muniz. Gallery Elba Benítez. Madrid, Spain. February 14 – March 31.
Vik Muniz – Rebus. Rena Bransten Gallery. San Francisco, California. April 1 – May 1.

They're blind and fat and they are insatiable. They will eat anything – guano, black worms, dead and decaying fish – and they will keep eating until all the food is gone. Unlike other fish, which eventually get full, these fat fish just keep going. They are Mexican cavefish, which adapted to living in the dark by losing their eyes – no need to see – and adapted to living in a place where food is only available twice a year when the river floods by getting as fat as possible. They also have a slow metabolism so they keep the fat on.

Su blackwell essay

su blackwell essay


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