Study abroad benefits essay

theunipod asked for some advice from staff working in the international admissions office at universities in different countries in order to help students considering an education abroad make up their minds.   Natasha Crompton, from the University of Birmingham, told us that “most students, when they return, say it was the best years of their lives!”, whilst Aldis Sigurdardottir, from the University of Reykjavik, agrees: “Just do it. You will never regret it. I haven’t had a single student complain about it. It’s difficult but it’s worth it”. Both admissions offices help international students on a daily basis to overcome the obstacles they face in a new country, and this can be said for all universities dotted about the globe.

If you’re still undecided, get in touch with several universities and ask as many questions as you need. Find out everything you’ll need to know in order to help you make a confident decision. It may be worth speaking to some graduates too.

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Study abroad benefits essay

study abroad benefits essay


study abroad benefits essaystudy abroad benefits essaystudy abroad benefits essaystudy abroad benefits essay