Straight edge essay

Some might understandably balk at plunking down $150 dollars for all the tools  needed for getting started with straight razor shaving. After all, what if you don’t end up enjoying this method of shaving? (I’m pretty sure you will, but hey, you never know.) Luckily, there is a way to very cheaply dip your toes into the straight razor waters. Pick up a disposable straight razor from a beauty supply store or elsewhere. They only cost a few bucks, and there’s no need for honing and stropping. Just throw it away when the blade dulls. At that point, you’ll know if you want to go in whole hog or not.

Straight Edge: Staying Above the Influence
Rock and roll has a stereotype where it is typical for a musician in this style of music to take drugs and drink alcohol, in particular, heavily like they are party animals. However, drugs and alcohol have been a part of music and musicians lives for many years, long before the era of rock and roll, whether it is for creative purposes or not. Even classical musicians drank and did drugs for various reasons, like the drug experimentation that Stravinsky did near the final decade of his life, or Beethoven’s interest in red wine ("Stravinsky: The Last Interview by Igor Stravinsky"; Bumbar). There rarely comes a scene in the music world that dedicates itself and promotes the message to abstain from such things as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and in some cases promiscuous sex. Nowadays, they call this being straight edge (also symbolized as “sXe”). The sXe movement has influenced many for those who have come across it, especially in the punk music scene, because it carries an important message. That message is to be clean and keep the human body healthy. Rock and roll was the driving force of creating this movement; in other words, being straight edge is to rebel against the typical rock and roll lifestyle.
It has been a common question among rock enthusiasts to ask, “[d]o musicians need drugs to be successful?” (Ritchie 438). While this is a rather biased question, the answer is false. Depending on what you consider successful, groups like Black Flag and Minor Threat are widely known in the punk scene and they carry the keep-yourself-clean message that sXe does. As a matter of fact, these two groups where what helped create the sXe movement. Punk came from rebellion and justice, and the straight edge movement is one of the examples of punk’s message. For instance, the messages given by Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat helped influence the straight edge movement to start, even though he never intended it to be a movement (Barcella). The title of the movement, “Straight Edge,” has been stated many times to have come from Ian’s band Minor Threat, in particular from the song titled the same name, “Straight Edge.” This song has lyrics that relate to the message of the movement, such as,
I'm a person just like you/But I've got better things to do/Than sit around and smoke dope/'Cause

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Straight edge essay

straight edge essay


straight edge essaystraight edge essaystraight edge essaystraight edge essay