Spoken language coursework gcse

I personally find this article insulting.

Its full of the Sterotypical Australian Image

"Strine (also called Ozspeak) is Australia’s greatest creative product and is full of abbreviations, hyperbole, profanities, vulgar expressions and word-tweaking"

What the hell.

"Everything and anything is abbreviated in Australia, often by shortening any word with more than two syllables and adding the vowel e or o on the end of it"

That is a plain untruth

"Australians tend to speak through their noses (not moving your lips when talking keeps the flies out), with a broad nasal drawl."

Very few people actually talk like this. Yes a few do. not the majority. Hell probably not even 5% of the population.

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Spoken language coursework gcse

spoken language coursework gcse


spoken language coursework gcsespoken language coursework gcsespoken language coursework gcsespoken language coursework gcse