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Two of Kohn's books, No Contest (1986) and Punished by Rewards (1993), address competition and "pop behaviorism" in workplaces as well as in families and schools. Both attracted considerable attention in business circles, particularly when the late W. Edwards Deming , known for inspiring the quality improvement movement in organizations, endorsed both books. [ citation needed ] Kohn spoke at conferences and individual corporations on management during the 1990s, and his work was debated in the Harvard Business Review , [19] CFO Magazine , the American Compensation Association Journal , and other publications. [ citation needed ]

Helm gives full credit to Atkins for her extraordinary odyssey into postwar Germany, single-handedly tracing the fates of the thirteen women who did not return from the camps (together with over a hundred men). Yet the family members who owed it to Atkins that they knew anything about their daughters, sisters, wives and mothers all had uniformly negative impressions of her; they speak bitterly of her detachment in general and her coldness to them in particular. It remains possible that it was Atkins’ unsentimentality that most inspired paranoia. Tania Szabó and Vilayat Inayat Khan may have expected things of Atkins that they would never have dreamed of asking the tearful Buckmaster to provide: emotional involvement, above all.

Sissela bok essays

sissela bok essays


sissela bok essayssissela bok essays