Sample self introduction essay

Python is a general-purpose, dynamic, object-oriented programming language. The design purpose of the Python language emphasizes programmer productivity and code readability. Python was initially developed by Guido van Rossum . It was first released in 1991. Python was inspired by ABC, Haskell, Java, Lisp, Icon, and Perl programming languages. Python is a high-level, general-purpose, multiplatform, interpreted language. Python is a minimalistic language. One of its most visible features is that it does not use semicolons nor brackets; Python uses indentation instead. There are two main branches of Python currently: Python and Python . Python breaks backward compatibility with previous releases of Python. It was created to correct some design flaws of the language and make the language more clean. This tutorial is written in Python . Most of the code is written in Python versions. It will take some time till the software base and programmers will migrate to Python . Today, Python is maintained by a large group of volunteers worldwide. Python is open source software.

Final comments: This speech is about you, (meaning, you obviously know the material well)---but, here's a strong reminder--you still need to practice.  You want to be confident enough to be able to establish and maintain lots of eye contact throughout your presentation.  This is not a reading assignment.  Looking down too much will ruin your credibility.  Think about your presentation as though you are having a conversation with the class.  Stay connected with your audience, smile, speak at a conversational rate (not too fast, and not too slow) and sound as though you are enjoying yourself.  Stand up straight, (don't lean on the podium, or slouch), keep your chin up and keep your voice at an audible level.  Gesture occasionally and move deliberately.  It is acceptable to stand quietly behind the podium instead of moving nervously about.  No hats and no gum.  Clothing should be comfortable and modest. Hairstyles should not cover your face.  You might want to pin your hair back if it has the habit of falling in your face.  You want to keep your hands away from your face and clothing while speaking. These movements are distracting and unnecessary.

Sample self introduction essay

sample self introduction essay


sample self introduction essaysample self introduction essaysample self introduction essaysample self introduction essay