Rebel without a cause essays

He says the Canterbury Earthquake Rebuild Authority (Cera) "ran around the world looking for rebuild investors but they didn't help the local guys. Not even a seminar.

"Only after two or three years of a complete failure asking overseas investors to invest, did they pay any attention to local investors. In the meantime, some [investors] took millions and millions of dollars out of the city.

"What would our city be like without the likes of [retail precinct landlords] Nick Hunt, Tim Glasson, Philip Carter, Antony Gough? If they hadn't committed to building, we would be in dire straits.  

Background: One of the most common imaging modalities used in the emergency department (ED) today is computed tomography (CT) scans using intravenous radiocontrast agents. Use of IV contrast can help increase visualization of pathology as compared to non-contrast CTs. However, many patients do not get IV contrast due to fear of contrast induced nephropathy.  Furthermore, waiting for renal function values delays the care of patients and prolongs time spent in the ED with a potential to increase adverse effects on patient centered outcomes due to delays. Read more →

Rebel without a cause essays

rebel without a cause essays


rebel without a cause essaysrebel without a cause essaysrebel without a cause essaysrebel without a cause essays