Purpose of education essay pdf

From professional view the purpose of education is to help a person to gain his goals and career objectives that as a result will create conditions for economic growth and overall welfare. Knowledge builds humans with lots of resources out of illiterate individuals. The purpose of education is to offer personal and career fulfillment, so humans will tend to transmit knowledge from generation to generation into eternal improvement. Thus the purpose of education is to spread education within the existing civilization and to the oncoming ones.

In his book, A Whole New Mind , Daniel Pink argues that, as a society, we have transcended the so-called Knowledge Age and are now in a Conceptual Age where our problems no longer have a single verifiable answer. Success in the Knowledge Age was mainly determined by a “SAT-ocracy”: a series of tests throughout the education system that required logic and analysis to identify a single correct answer. This does not meet the needs of the Conceptual Age, which requires creativity, innovation and design skills. He further asserts that education is still firmly geared towards the needs of the Information Age, a quickly disappearing era.  It’s as if our children are moving along an assembly line, where we diligently instill math, reading, and science skills and then test them to see how much they retained, making sure they meet all the “standards” of production.  Today, a successful member of society must bring something different to the table. Individuals are valued for their unique contributions and their ability to think creatively, take initiative and incorporate a global perspective into their decisions.

Purpose of education essay pdf

purpose of education essay pdf


purpose of education essay pdfpurpose of education essay pdfpurpose of education essay pdfpurpose of education essay pdf