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There is a reason most jobs in this country are filled without advertising, and that is because they don’t need to advertise. If you want to develop yourself, get the career you want, and meet the people that you want to meet, then go do it! Take charge and make things happen for yourself by being PROACTIVE. If you are an employer, what skills does it show you when someone proactively comes to you looking to learn more? Plus, as a student, you are in a learning phase and can play the student card, which will probably get you in the door easier than someone my age.

The Division of Educator Preparation, Assessment, and Internship ensures that preparation programs for Kentucky educators meet established standards of quality. It facilitates the accreditation process, reviews programs and continuous assessment materials, and provides technical assistance for program improvement. This division maintains the array of assessments required for teacher and administrator certification. It oversees the Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) and the Kentucky Principal Internship Program (KPIP) , designed to provide assistance to new teachers and principals.

Professional college essay help

professional college essay help


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