Peer editing checklist essay

Some style guides advise against grammatical constructions such as passive voice , split infinitives , restrictive which , beginning a sentence with a conjunction and ending clauses in a preposition . These are common in high-quality publications and should not be "fixed" without considering the consequences. Changing a passive to active may inappropriately change the topic of the paragraph, for example. Attempts to improve the language of a passage should be based on tone, clarity and consistency, rather than blind adherence to a regional or contested rule.

During the submission process, please suggest three potential reviewers with the appropriate expertise to review the manuscript. The editors will not necessarily approach these referees. Please provide detailed contact information (address, homepage, phone, e-mail address). The proposed referees should neither be current collaborators of the co-authors nor have published with any of the co-authors of the manuscript within the last five years. Proposed reviewers should be from different institutions to the authors. You may identify appropriate Editorial Board members of the journal as potential reviewers. You may suggest reviewers from among the authors that you frequently cite in your paper.

Peer editing checklist essay

peer editing checklist essay


peer editing checklist essaypeer editing checklist essaypeer editing checklist essaypeer editing checklist essay