Online recruitment dissertation

These job portals are equipped with latest technologies tools, thus employers by using the state of the art technology can easily filer the that are available in bulk. By filtration they can access to those candidates who are efficient and got the talent required for a specific job. Through screening and sorting tool employer can easily target and contact with the professional, to whom he wants to interview without choosing any middle way.
So here is no doubt, recruitment industries are playing key role in the hiring process, but these five benefits are equally significant for recruiters and employers as well.

There are also issues of privacy in online recruitment, particularly when it comes to the so-called passive applicants. Many companies screen applicants or take job applications online. That’s not surprising, but some companies seed their applications with questions that elicit personal information unbeknownst to the applicant. JP Morgan’s online application, for example, is in the form of a computer game. The answers, says Cappelli, reveal information about interests and attitudes of applicants. Cisco Systems, among other technology companies, offers research facilities like libraries in part to identify and track users to recruit. And some recruiters acquire “passive applicants” by posing questions to user groups and tracing those who answer correctly.

Online recruitment dissertation

online recruitment dissertation


online recruitment dissertationonline recruitment dissertationonline recruitment dissertationonline recruitment dissertation