Needed for school assignment

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Our school is suffering as well with these economic troubles.
Classes that arent required for the standards have been cut along with the possiabilty of sports. Although these extra activities dont seem vital to our education they are just as importan to us socially and mentally. We need every class, and we should have every oppertunity to broaden our minds. if our own schools hold us back our future as a society is doomed. Somehow third world countries are capable of having strict classes with no questions of cutting the classes. What needs to be cut instead is the luxarys and and uneccistys of our community and country. Although it is a nice thing funding other countries to help them out, but we need to worry about our country 1st, and our people need an education no matter how it gets done.

Needed for school assignment

needed for school assignment


needed for school assignmentneeded for school assignmentneeded for school assignmentneeded for school assignment