My embarrassing experience essay

As the show grew in popularity, Embarrassing Bodies created a common theme throughout some of its series, dedicating whole series to a certain group of society, such as children, overweight people and teenagers. Series 3 saw the return of the mobile clinic, a common setting for the show. It also saw the beginning of Embarrassing Bodies: Back to the Clinic , which would see ex-patients from the series returning to the clinic to discuss how life has been since their last visit. Series 4 started with a special episode, which saw the team based in Spain.

So funny! Thanks for the confidence to share your embarrassing moment! I had a similar one: Newly working at high respected Christian organization. Was issued my new blackberry, laptop, etc. In a meeting, I had put my bb on the table so I could see the time, but set it to vibrate rather than ring if a call came in. During the meeting my bb bounced all over the table and, embarrassed, I wanted to diffuse the situation, so I exclaimed, “Oh wow, my vibrator is really loud!” Situation NOT diffused! Everyone cracked up with me!

My embarrassing experience essay

my embarrassing experience essay


my embarrassing experience essaymy embarrassing experience essaymy embarrassing experience essaymy embarrassing experience essay