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Like America, Europe was a continent in turmoil during the 1800's with wars being fought at sea and on land. The main combatants were Britain, Russia, Austria, Prussia, Spain and France with possibly the best known of the sea battles "The Battle Of Trafalgar" between the British Royal Navy led by Admiral Nelson and the combined forces of the French and Spanish. Like many sea battles during the period the British were heavily outnumbered but due to the combination of leadership and better trained gun crews, they were victorious.
But in mainland Europe the French forces under the leadership of Napoleon were equally successful with defeats over the Russia and Spain expanding French influence. But, Napoleon met his match at the Battle Of Waterloo in 1816 (Belgium) against combined forces of the United Kingdom, Russia, Austria and Prussia led by the Duke of Wellington.
Queen Victoria became the British Queen in 1837 leading to the Victorian Era. The Victorian Era was a period of industrial, cultural, political, scientific, and military progress that included further growth and influence of "The British Empire." This also included taking control of India and obtaining one of her many titles the "Empress of India."

William T. Piper , Sr., built the Piper Aircraft Corporation factory in Lock Haven in 1937 after the company's Taylor Aircraft manufacturing plant in Bradford, Pennsylvania , was destroyed by fire. The factory began operations in a building that once housed a silk mill. [28] As the company grew, the original factory expanded to include engineering and office buildings. Piper remained in the city until 1984, when its new owner, Lear-Siegler , moved production to Vero Beach, Florida . The Clinton County Historical Society opened the Piper Aviation Museum at the site of the former factory in 1985, and 10 years later the museum became an independent organization. [28]

Johnstown flood research paper

johnstown flood research paper


johnstown flood research paperjohnstown flood research paperjohnstown flood research paperjohnstown flood research paper