Intermediate cec model papers

A second letter on a base or repeater station is different enough that you HAVE to look in the book. For example, on an MSR2000 station, a typical model number could be C73GSB-3145BT. From the above explanation you can see that it breaks down as:

C=Compa Station
7 110 watts
GSB intermittent-duty transmitter (see the table below)
3 PL tone squelch
1 Narrowband
4 Supplied with two TX and two RX frequencies
5 (not in the above, as it's too fluid, but the book for an MSR says a 5 means it has the "DC Remote control" option)
B Later model
T additional modifying identifier - in this case a Repeater

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Intermediate cec model papers

intermediate cec model papers


intermediate cec model papersintermediate cec model papersintermediate cec model papersintermediate cec model papers