Fsu college essay examples

Sports is basically your whole life here, claims one student. While a university as large as FSU—the population is 40,000 plus—has students of many types, athletics and "school spirit" are what "bring everyone together" at FSU. "Everyone likes to socialize and party, usually off campus, like at bars or houses." Greek life is also "very prominent" FSU has a reputation as a party school, and "many students go out on the weekend or even sometimes during the week. The use of alcohol and marihuana is very common." "The majority of FSU students gets rowdy almost every night of the week," confirms another. However, one student claims that "FSU is a recovering party school." Since its heyday in the mid-nineties, FSU has calmed down a bit, but you can still find thriving parties and clubs any day of the week." "People go to Wakulla Springs to swim or to Bear Paw to go around the river during the weekends." Although "Tallahassee is one of the most boring cities I have ever been to," "the nightlife is…very important in Tallahassee; there are many bars and clubs to attend." "My life at Florida State is busy," one political science student explains. "I am always on the move, from class, to student government, Greek life, internships at the capital, and nightlife. I think people at FSU are constantly thinking about how they can better themselves and the university."

Hodges University maintains a 15:1 student to faculty ratio, keeping class sizes to an average of 14 students.  And Hodges displays a deep commitment to accessibility. The school has several online degree programs as well as flexible scheduling options like an accelerated 7½-week term, available for select courses. And for highly self-motivated students, Hodges offers a self-paced competency-based degree option, Upower, which allows students to earn their degree at a fraction of the cost of traditional programs. You can find the source for their tuition here .

Fsu college essay examples

fsu college essay examples


fsu college essay examplesfsu college essay examplesfsu college essay examplesfsu college essay examples