Forensic dna research papers

The RTI International team  is composed of creative, innovative members who are articulate in forensic science and hold key positions or memberships in organizations within the forensic science community. In addition, this team has a proven history of providing unbiased scientific credentials and respected expertise across all forensic disciplines . Our unprecedented blend of expertise, experience, and knowledge in forensic science —combined with our objectivity and national reach to include all justice program stakeholders— allows the team to deliver practical and valuable solutions to the forensic science community, thereby bridging the gap between the scientific and the justice communities.

The primary concern is privacy. DNA profiles are different from fingerprints, which are useful only for identification. DNA can provide insights into many intimate aspects of a person and their families including susceptibility to particular diseases, legitimacy of birth, and perhaps predispositions to certain behaviors and sexual orientation. This increases the potential for genetic discrimination by government, insurers, employers, schools, banks, and others.

Forensic dna research papers

forensic dna research papers


forensic dna research papersforensic dna research papersforensic dna research papersforensic dna research papers