Essays on identity

Overtime John Locke has been criticized by his theories and his way of thinking by fellow philosophers and other Reid has a view that is similar to Descartes in which a person who is a simple indivisible substance that has no temporal or spatial Reid states that “My personal identity implies the continued existence of that indivisible thing which I can this self may be,it is something which thinks,and deliberates,and resolves,and acts and am not thought,I am not action, I am not action,I am not feeling;I am something that thinks,and acts and thoughts,and actions,and feelings change every moment;they have no continues,but a successive,existence that self or I,to which they belong,is permanent,and has the same relation to all the succeeding thoughts,actions,and feelings which I call mine.” Reid argues that memory is the evidence for personal identity,but not the basis of personal developed several arguments which go against John Locke's memory is the basis of personal four main arguments that Reide goes against Locke are:

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Essays on identity

essays on identity


essays on identityessays on identityessays on identityessays on identity