Essays on anti corruption

On my first visit to the United States, the customs officer at the airport asked me who paid for my visit. I was here on a State Department exchange and so I replied, “the American government.” The officer said that the US government has no money; the citizens paid for the visit. In Ukraine, we do not think this way. Employers handle our taxes, and most citizens do not even know how much they pay. As a journalist, I need to remind my audience that when politicians and their cronies steal from the government, they are stealing from the people, from the viewers at home.

In December 1948, the Dutch launched " Operation Crow ", which resulted in the capture of Sukarno and Hatta and the capital Yogyakarta . Suharto was appointed to lead the Wehrkreise III , consisting of two battalions, which waged guerilla warfare against the Dutch from the hills south of Yogyakarta . [26] In dawn raids on 1 March 1949, Suharto's forces and local militia recaptured the city, holding it until noon. [27] Suharto's later accounts had him as the lone plotter, although other sources say Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX of Yogyakarta, and the Panglima of the Third Division, ordered the attack. However, General Abdul Nasution said that Suharto took great care in preparing the "General Offensive" ( Indonesian Serangan Umum ). Civilians sympathetic to the Republican cause within the city had been galvanised by the show of force which proved that the Dutch had failed to win the guerrilla war. Internationally, the United Nations Security Council pressured the Dutch to cease the military offensive and to recommence negotiations, which eventually led to the Dutch withdrawal from Yogyakarta area in June 1949 and to complete transfer of sovereignty in December 1949. Suharto was responsible for the takeover of Yogyakarta city from the withdrawing Dutch in June 1949. [28]

Essays on anti corruption

essays on anti corruption


essays on anti corruptionessays on anti corruptionessays on anti corruptionessays on anti corruption