Essay on music and politics

In the first place,music is an essential part of how most of us enjoy our leisure is so engrossing that we forget about our trials and worries of everyday has the power to elicit deeply personal and specific patterns of thought and emotion in ,we need it to celebrate special music,it would not be the same celebrating at sporting events or embracing landmark moments such as wedding or also has the potential to help us perform to music activates and engages different areas of the brain,and has been shown to enhance memory and other cognitive functions.

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Nelly's music video Tip Drill really stereotypes women, in this video he says “I said it must be ya ass cause it ain't ya faceI need a tipdrill, I need a tipdrill” (Nelly). This stereotypes that if a women has a big beheld than men really don't take their time to look at her face, they just want to see what her body looks like. A tip drill is another name for running a train on a girl in the video ali verse say “I said it ain't no fun less we all get some I need a tipdrill, we need a tipdrill” “Now come on girl you know what we came here for Is You a tipdrill, we need a tipdrill” (Ali). The women in this video really don't care if they are being exposed “You lookin well in them shorts but they look better on the floor Cause yous a tipdrll, cause yous a tipdrill” ( Kyjuan). Women in this video are walking around Naked, letting the touch on them in any kind of way, touch on other women “Now ya see I want to let you ride but the rubber might slide Yous a tipdrill, girl you a tipdrill” (Murphy Lee). “Turn that ass up mama put that dip in ya back And let me tipdrill, just let me tipdrill” this videos degrade women and make other country's look at us in a negative way. The girls in the video have a part and they say “It must be ya money, cause it ain't ya faceYou a tipdrill, nigga you a tipdrill” “My apple bottom look right, I know you wanna bite Yous a tipdrill, I heard you was a tipdrill” I got you payin my bills and buyin automobiles Yous a tipdrill, nigga you a tipdrill “I know you a trick go spend that shit You old tipdrill, you monkeyass tipdrill “. These videos degrade women and make other country's look at us in a negative way; it makes men feel like they have power over women.

Essay on music and politics

essay on music and politics


essay on music and politicsessay on music and politicsessay on music and politicsessay on music and politics