Essay on female foeticide in punjabi

It is a fact that the Nagas and certain other North-East tribes opposed very much the entry of Europeans in their areas particularly the missionaries. Today almost 95% Nagas,99% Mizos,80% Khasis,94% Garos have embraced Christianity. Have the tribals of north-east lost their identities? The answer is both yes and no. Those who embraced Christianity, they have lost their nature-centric religion, but they have gain a lot in some other way. In other words, the tribals of north-east have immensely benefited by embracing Christianity. Christian missionaries not only converted them but also set up the best English medium schools, colleges, dispensaries, hospitals and other charitable homes. The numbers of civil servants, university and college teachers, engineers, doctors etc. are increasing day by day. The Bonda tribe of Orissa till yesterday didn’t have a matriculate. Only recently the student from Bonda tribe passed matriculation compared with the number of North East tribals in universities.

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During summer, the Bay of Bengal is subject to intense heating, giving rise to humid and unstable air masses that produce cyclones. Many powerful cyclones, including the 1737 Calcutta cyclone , the 1970 Bhola cyclone , the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone and the 1999 Odisha cyclone have led to widespread devastation along parts of the eastern coast of India and neighboring Bangladesh . Widespread death and property destruction are reported every year in exposed coastal states such as Andhra Pradesh, Orissa , Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal. India's western coast, bordering the more placid Arabian Sea, experiences cyclones only rarely; these mainly strike Gujarat and, less frequently, Kerala .

Essay on female foeticide in punjabi

essay on female foeticide in punjabi


essay on female foeticide in punjabiessay on female foeticide in punjabiessay on female foeticide in punjabiessay on female foeticide in punjabi