Effects of stress on police officers essay

It makes you break out
When you're really freaking out, the level of sex hormones called androgens in your body spike, causing acne to flare up. You can try using birth control to keep breakouts in check or using topical treatments when they occur. In addition to zits on your face, stress can also show up on other parts of your skin in the form of rashes. That's because anxiety wreaks havoc on your immune system, which can make eczema act up or cause skin infections like staph. Visit the drug store for topical treatments to help with those issues or speak with your doctor if those don't help or symptoms get worse.

Symptoms of stress also include depression of intellectual functioning, cognitive distortions and misinterpretations of situations, events and interpersonal exchanges (Beck, A. T., & Clark, D. A., 1997). In addition, people that are overstressed may have ruminative and unproductive patterns of thinking and indecisiveness. They worry and anticipate that « something bad » will happen and fear that they are losing control. They become distractible, impatient, and easily irritated. Further, memory can be impaired ( Newcomer . et al., 1999 ) and there is a tendency to engage in negative, unrealistic and pessimistic thinking patterns. Take stress seriously!

If at least one parent or caregiver is consistently engaged in a caring, supportive relationship with a young child, most stress responses will be positive or tolerable. For example, there is no evidence that, in a secure and stable home, allowing an infant to cry for 20 to 30 minutes while learning to sleep through the night will elicit a toxic stress response. However, there is ample evidence that chaotic or unstable circumstances, such as placing children in a succession of foster homes or displacement due to economic instability or a natural disaster, can result in a sustained, extreme activation of the stress response system. Stable, loving relationships can buffer against harmful effects by restoring stress response systems to “steady state.” When the stressors are severe and long-lasting and adult relationships are unresponsive or inconsistent, it’s important for families, friends, and communities to intervene with support, services, and programs that address the source of the stress and the lack of stabilizing relationships in order to protect the child from their damaging effects.

Effects of stress on police officers essay

effects of stress on police officers essay


effects of stress on police officers essayeffects of stress on police officers essayeffects of stress on police officers essayeffects of stress on police officers essay