Does exercise affect heart rate coursework

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Tim Noakes details the processes of overtraining and decreased immunity through biographiocal examples in his excellent and encyclopedic “The Lore of Running”.
The two most infamous marathoners who literally ran themselves ragged and into the ground were Alberto Salazar and Ron Hill. Their training diaries document the process of getting sick, running while sick, and ultimately decreased athletic performance.
Note that they are the exception, and that world class endurance athletes can successfully conquer gargantuan work loads through prudent increase of those loads. Moderation therefore means “moderate” increase in stresses to your system, and not an absolute set limit on what can be achieved. Most do too much too fast, and that is why the Stockholm runners are “sicker” than the general poulation”. By contrast, Bill Rodgers ran up to 200 miles per week at the zenith of his marathon career, and never put himself out of commission. That was because he gradually (moderately) built up his workload over many years, to the point where he could handle nearly 30 miles per day.

Does exercise affect heart rate coursework

does exercise affect heart rate coursework


does exercise affect heart rate courseworkdoes exercise affect heart rate courseworkdoes exercise affect heart rate courseworkdoes exercise affect heart rate coursework