Different types of biographies

If you have created an illustration or calligraphy art piece that you want to stay vibrant forever, make sure that you use acid-free paper. {Most drawing/watercolor pads will specify whether the paper is acid-free or not. If in doubt, get in touch with a customer service rep from the paper company.} Then, spray an archival fixative on it. Basically, you’ll just mist the fixative on the piece, wait for it to dry, and your artwork will be safe from color degradation {and, depending on the medium, smudging} for years to come. You can also rub on Microglaze; see the Hand-Painted Tiles Illustration Tutorial post for instructions.

Different types of biographies

different types of biographies


different types of biographiesdifferent types of biographiesdifferent types of biographiesdifferent types of biographies