Depression activities for adults

Feeling depressed – tired, miserable, sad and uninterested in life for long periods – is a human vulnerability. It can happen to anyone. When it strikes it affects your sleep, physical health, sexual desire, power of concentration, thinking and ability to empathise with others. Typically depressed people wake up exhausted and unmotivated. The more severe these symptoms are the more difficult normal daily activities become and life begins to feel meaningless. On average, 15% of people who repeatedly sink into a depressed state have an increased risk of suicide .

But this was the very first poem I wrote and it came straight from the heart so it will always be my fondest poem [laugh]. Would it be alright for me to read it? It's actually called Black bird on my Shoulder. I think this came, maybe came from a lot of people who called depression like a 'Dog' and that came from Winston Churchill. But for me it felt like a black bird that always sat on my shoulder and was with me all of the time. But I will read the poem.

Black bird on my shoulder

Screeching in my ear

Nobody else will listen

He has been there year after year

Black bird on my shoulder

Crying me to sleep

Whispering to me

Give it up

No tears now left to weep

Black bird on my shoulder

Daring me cross that line

Into madness I surrender

Oh insanity, how divine

Black bird on my shoulder

Didn't think I'd come this far

Where do I go to now I plead?

Wading through this thick black tar

Black bird on my shoulder

Please, please just fly away

One more chance just give me

Just give me one more day.

So I guess in a kind of' although I was in a very deep dark depression at the time I was still kind of asking in the very last sentence, 'Give me one more day. Give me, you know, give me something. Somebody help."

There was no immediate miracle. It’s not as though I picked up a hobby and suddenly started whistling tunes and seeing the point to every day life. But there was an occasional flicker of momentary relief. During this time of my life I was crying for hours every day, for no apparent reason, and although my yarn was often wet with salty depression there were also whole minutes of time when I would be so focused on pulling one loop up on to another that I would cease crying. My breathing would slow to a normal pace. My head would stop whirling with anxiety for a brief time.

Depression activities for adults

depression activities for adults


depression activities for adultsdepression activities for adultsdepression activities for adultsdepression activities for adults