Comparison contrast war essay

Most American armored divisions deployed three battalions of standard 105mm howitzers mounted, in the open, on the chassis of an M3 Lee or, more frequently, an M4 Sherman tank.  These were designated the M7 and nicknamed the “Priest” for their pulpit-like machine-gun ring.  While the Sherman was overmatched by German tanks in terms of main guns and armor, it was far more mechanically reliable than comparable German vehicles, and since the unarmored version that carried the artillery piece was substantially lighter than the Sherman, it seemed to handle mud quite well when compared to the standard Sherman tank.  Belton Cooper, a veteran of the 3d Armored Division and author of Deathtraps:  The Survival of an American Armored Division on World War II , considered them one of the Army’s best pieces of equipment.

Nevertheless, some differences can be seen based on the Obama administration's handling of relations with certain countries. For example, Israel and the . have always been strong allies. But relations between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu have been tense. A major contributor to this tension has been the Obama administration's Iran policy. The . tightened sanctions on Iran in Obama's first term, but negotiated a deal in the second term that allowed international inspections of Iranian nuclear facilities. The . and Iran also found common ground against the threat from ISIS. This rapprochement has irked Iran's traditional rival Israel, even though for all practical purposes Israel and the . remain staunch allies. Republicans in Congress opposed the Iran deal and the easing of sanctions against Iran. They also invited Netanyahu to deliver a speech against the deal.

Comparison contrast war essay

comparison contrast war essay


comparison contrast war essaycomparison contrast war essaycomparison contrast war essaycomparison contrast war essay