Bullying research paper outline

Anti-bullying Day activities can take place at schools, workplaces , or any peer group location. They may include: "abolishing bullying" rallies, information and networking booths to help the community in understanding the evils of bullying, and publicizing anti-discrimination organizations. Examples include Blue Shirt World Day of Bullying Prevention, National Bullying awareness month, as well as Pink Shirt Day. Other features include handouts, resources, and information promoting the message of the " National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence ". Examples of other activities include races, conferences, video-creating competitions such as the " ScreenIt! " and the " Back me up " competitions, and community events - all used to spread awareness of bullying and violence.

One of the responses to this article came from the mother of someone who works for a company that provides moderation services for “kids websites, online games, chat rooms, role play game groups, etc.” She pointed out that her daughter’s company deals with a lot of cases of bullying which prompted my ConnectSafely co-director, Anne Collier, to interview one of the leading authorities on child site moderation.  Anne concluded “not all the negative behavior we see in kids’ online games and virtual worlds is cyberbullying. In fact, very little of it is.” This post is worth a read .

Bullying research paper outline

bullying research paper outline


bullying research paper outlinebullying research paper outlinebullying research paper outlinebullying research paper outline