Bsc thesis wageningen

Paulo Lopes Marcelo has a wide-ranging academic and professional experience and expertise in areas such as regulation, competition and company law and compliance, studied and taught law at the University of Lisbon, written several books in Portuguese and in English based on his academic studies in Lisbon and London. Paulo obtained the master of arts degree from Kings College and the MBA from IESE/AESE Business School. Presently is an Executive Board Member at the Portuguese Water and Waste Services Regulation Authority. He was chief of staff for the Minister of Environment and Energy in Portuguese Government, legal counsel and head of competition and regulatory affairs at Vodafone and consultant and legal expert in the areas of competition and regulation for several corporations. 

Ton van Maris joined the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the Delft University of Technology in 2005. Within the Industrial Microbiology section he leads a team of researchers on microbial physiology, thermodynamics-inspired metabolic engineering, engineering of transport and evolutionary engineering of industrial microorganisms, with a special focus on yeast. Besides many academic collaborations, Dr. van Maris has industrial collaborations with DSM and Amyris. Additionally, he is a member of the management team of BE-Basic. Dr. van Maris received his PhD degree ( cum laude ) in 2004 from the Delft University of Technology on Metabolic engineering of pyruvate metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae . Next, he worked for Tate & Lyle at the 1,3-propanediol pilot plant and at the Astaxanthin factory.

Bsc thesis wageningen

bsc thesis wageningen


bsc thesis wageningenbsc thesis wageningenbsc thesis wageningenbsc thesis wageningen