Animal farm essays

Essays on animal rights must talk about the breeding and rearing techniques of livestock and other animals that are raised on an animal farm. It could be written for different types of audiences such as farmers who manage the farm, veterinarians who care for the animals or the general public who want to know about animal farms. Since this is a topic with practical application and use, the must provide readers with information that could be applied and used.

Essays on animal rights could talk about the care and treatment for a specific animal such as cattle, sheep, horses, hogs and also special animals such as minks, foxes and others. Some of these animals are quite valuable and the paper must explain in detail about the medicine and food that the animals must be given. An article about breeding must discuss breeding techniques, artificial insemination methods, breeding cycles and so on. In some words, students would be expected to discuss about the optimum method of harvesting the animals for products such as meat, fur and skin. Articles about dairy animals need to explain the patterns and cycles of milking the animals, feed mix and diet supplements to be given and so on.

Essays on animal rights would talk about rearing valuable animals such as racing horses, pedigree dogs and other animals. It must highlight various enclosures and systems that are required for the care of such animals and the health checkups and the exercise regimen to be followed. Essays on animal rights must also talk of how injuries could be avoided.

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Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss Animal Farm, which Eric Blair published under his pen name George Orwell in 1945. A biting critique of totalitarianism, particularly Stalinism, the essay sprung from Orwell's experiences fighting Fascists in Spain: he thought that all on the left were on the same side, until the dominant Communists violently suppressed the Anarchists and Trotskyists, and Orwell had to escape to France to avoid arrest. Setting his satire in an English farm, Orwell drew on the Russian Revolution of 1917, on Stalin's cult of personality and the purges. The leaders on Animal Farm are pigs, the secret police are attack dogs, the supporters who drown out debate with "four legs good, two legs bad" are sheep. At first, London publishers did not want to touch Orwell's work out of sympathy for the USSR, an ally of Britain in WW2, but the Cold War gave it a new audience and Animal Farm became a commercial as well as a critical success.

Animal farm essays

animal farm essays


animal farm essaysanimal farm essaysanimal farm essaysanimal farm essays