Analyzing a painting essay

My painting method is a layered approach, therefore it is developed in successive stages. After drawing my composition on canvas with thinned paint (ultramarine blue or other non staining pigment) and a brush I begin my block-in using full color mixtures starting with the darkest mass first. By starting this way, I find it easier to judge the value relationships between adjacent areas. Click on the link below to view my step by step progression of one of my paintings photographed in stages.  Update: My previous demo has been removed and hopefully I will get another one available for you. Unfortunately it's format was not mobile friendly and Google doens't like that. Therefore the demo I show here is one posted on my blog. It will give you a basic overview even though it's in my impressionist style. Please use your browsers back button to return to this page.

Not included are the 3 delegates who did not sign the Constitution:  Edmund J. Randolph (Virginia) ,  George Mason (Virginia) , and  Elbridge Gerry (Massachusetts) . Also not included are the 13 delegates who left the convention early:  Oliver Ellsworth (Connecticut) ,  William Houstoun (Georgia) ,  William L. Pierce (Georgia) ,  Luther Martin (Maryland) ,  John F. Mercer (Maryland) ,  Caleb Strong (Massachusetts) ,  William C. Houston (New Jersey) ,  John Lansing, Jr. (New York) ,  Robert Yates (New York) , William R. Davie (North Carolina) ,  Alexander Martin (North Carolina) ,  James McClurg (Virginia) , and  George Wythe (Virginia) .

Analyzing a painting essay

analyzing a painting essay


analyzing a painting essayanalyzing a painting essayanalyzing a painting essayanalyzing a painting essay